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(MOVIE REVIEW) The Perks Of Being a Wallflower, what happened between Aunt Helen and Charlie?


“We accept the love we think we deserve.”
Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

So, actually i know this film because i just saw it in books store and i buy it. When i saw the synopsis of this book, I was really excited. And when I saw the cover of it, I saw Emma Watson there and I saw two handsome guy there. I decided to watch the film first before the book because i was really curious about this book.

The story is about 15 years old boy name Charlie and he just begin his freshman in high school and he doesn’t have a friend. He always alone and he really want to have a friend, until he meet one guy and he was really freak. When Charlie watch football game, he meet this guy again and he try to talk with this guy *Patrick, and Charlie met Patrick friend too her name is Sam. Charlie thinks that Patrick and Sam dating but he was wrong. Sam is Patrick step sister.


Finally Charlie has a new friends! When Patrick ask Charlie to go to the party in his house there was one thing happen. And  i was really shock when i watched this. So i will reveal this. Patrick is gay.He has a relationship with one famous guy in their school, his name is Brad. You know i watched this film because of him ! I think he’s really cute and handsome.


Wait! I forgot about one thing, Charlie has a sister and his sister is really pretty! And i saw zach there from *sky high (Disney channel movie). yup, ponytail Derek. He was Charlie’s sister boyfriend.


Shortly, Mary Elizabeth *Sam and Patrick’s friend ask Charlie to go to her home and he goes along with the resulting relationship to avoid hurting Mary Elizabeth’s feelings, but grows more and more irritated by the situation. When Charlie goes to Patrick home they were playing truth or dare. And when charlie asked by Patrick to choose who is the most beautiful person in the room. Everybody just stared at Mary Elizabeth because they think Charlie will kiss her. But , Charlie kiss Sam and Mary Elizabeth upset with him. Poor Charlie!


Patrick told Charlie to stay away from them for a moment. And one day Brad’s father know that Patrick and Brad have a relationship. So, Brad distances himself from Patrick. And when Brad is calling Patrick “faggot” ,Patrick hit Brad. Brad’s friends beat Patrick and finally Charlie come and beat them all. Sam thanks to Patrick because he saves her brother life. and the 3 of them become friends again.


At the end of the story, The night before Sam departs, Charlie and Sam realizes that they love each other. When Sam kiss Charlie and touch him, Charlie shock and stop kissing Sam. Sam ask Charlie if he’s okay and Charlie say he’s okay. So, Charlie kiss Sam again

The next morning, Sam and Patrick leaves him to go to college and THIS PART WAS MAKE ME REALLY CONFUSE! I was really confuse when Charlie walk to his house and he is really depression. And he just flashback Aunt Helen and he’s phoned his sister and say that he is wrong. He kill aunt Helen. Her sister afraid and ask her friend to call the police.


Charlie wakes up in hospital where Dr. Burton  manages to bring out Charlie’s repressed memories of his aunt. Charlie undergoes therapy with Dr Burton, and when he turn back to his home, he meet Patrick and Sam.

AND THE BEST MOMENT IS , the 3 of them  revisit the tunnel, where Charlie kisses Sam again and stands up in the back of the truck. Charlie feels alive and he say “we are infinite”.


I know maybe you will confuse what happened between Aunt Helen and Charlie. Charlie say that Aunt Helen is the best person in his life. So, actually Aunt Helen sexually abusing him. And Charlie said that Aunt Helen is his favorite person because she give Charlie 2 present at the same day. one for his birthday and one for Christmas gift.So actually Charlie has a trauma and he just repressed his memories.


I think this movie is incredible and lovely. I feel bad for Charlie anyway. I really like the last part of this movie. it’s make my heart shake. I can’t guess the plot of this story so i think this story is really excited. The conflict is unusual and even I never expect that Aunt Helen is a bad person. If you watch this movie you never know what happen next!

I like Charlie character, because he looks like a weak person but he’s not. I really like the part when he see his sister was slapped by her boyfriend and Charlie is really upset. Charlie is so innocent and that’s really cute.


This film is really suitable for teenager like me. And i love the soundtrack of this film! The song is really good and make me comfort. SO, I give 4 stars for this film.



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